What NOT to Bring to St John

Previously I shared a list of items to pack when you are traveling to St John. Equally important is the list of what NOT to bring to St John. Packing for your trip should be quick and easy, not stressful or overwhelming. You need very few things for a fun and stylish vacation to St John, USVI!

St John USVI

Items to Leave Behind… Save Space (and Energy)

1) Lots of hair products and styling tools.

They simply won’t work here. If your hair is curly, plan to wear it curly. If you have straight hair, go ahead and plan for it to remain straight. You just can’t fight with this humidity. Well, you can, but let me assure you that the humidity will win. Embrace your island hair!

2) Expensive, dry clean only attire.

You will sweat. You will probably sweat a lot. It’s like those rides at amusement parks where they warn you but people still ask surprised when they get off the ride soaking wet. You will sweat on St John- you are vacationing to the tropics, after all- so I’m guessing that you would rather not do so in your designer duds. Am I right?

Juliet Dunn Alice & Trixie

Some of my favorite pieces. Admittedly, not my smartest choices for island attire. Dry clean only. Grrrrrr!!!

3) Work.

If it’s possible, and I know that it may not be for many people, but try your best to leave work behind. Allow this beautiful island to destress and re-energize you. It’s not the same sitting on Trunk Bay worrying about returning phone calls and emails. Let your colleagues know that you’ve planned a one-of-a-kind getaway, and you want to fully maximize your time on St John. My prediction is that you’ll all be better for it when you return home and go back to work.

cool gear pineapple cup

You work like a dog. Now, why not relax like one?

4) A hustle-bustle, in-the-grind, stateside mentality.

Maybe you’re used to getting your Starbucks latte in two minutes or less. Perhaps you’re accustomed to having your order taken immediately upon being seated at your local watering hole. Whatever it is that is making you feel hurried, please try to let it go. Remember that “island time” is a real thing. Believe it or not, I’ve found that sometimes if you make it a point to let people know you’re in a hurry, they may slow down the process even more just to remind you where you are… and it’s NOT the contiguous states.

Seas the Day St John USVI

5) An itinerary that’s too packed full of scheduled activities.

There are so many amazing things to do on St John. Whether you’re here for a long weekend or a two-week stay, you will find new and beautiful things to do to fill your time. I would encourage you to leave some time for good ‘ole R&R. There are plenty of spots where you can find a hammock in the shade, a place to float in the sun, and the perfect spot to nap, read, or meditate on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

St John USVI

You can definitely find sparkling turquoise water if you’re looking to get your blood flowing a little (and have someone photograph you looking awesome on your board)!

Paddleboarding St John

Kayak St John USVI

So once you’ve packed and thrown out all of the things that are just making your suitcase heavier, you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime. Let me know if I can help you with your plans. I can give you a day by day itinerary, but I promise it will include some downtime. Paradise is calling… See you soon!

St John USVI

Don’t you belong here?

Ashley Cates, St John USVI Blogger

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