30 Days to Fit

We are blessed with so many technological advances. Or maybe we are cursed? It seems the more we are glued to our devices, the unhealthier we get as a nation. So put down your phone and get to the gym! Wait- what if you didn’t even have to go to the gym? Lem Houston of EnergYve Fitness is hoping to address all of the excuses that people cite as reasons they aren’t working out. And his goal is to include EVERYONE. So, don’t turn off your smart phone. Just put it to better use…

What’s Up?

Lem says he kept noticing people posting different “challenges” on Facebook, like an ab challenge or a squat challenge. For him, it actually wasn’t challenging at all. Lem decided to come up with a workout challenge for everyone at every level. The difference is it’s a complete body workout, not just focusing on one area. And it’s a different challenge every day so people won’t get bored. So much attention has been given to Lem’s ability to motivate people, like the full page spread in the Charlotte Observer and the awesome article in Pride Magazine. Now he is on a mission to get as many people all over the world to get involved with energYve in a fun, new way.

Lem in perfect push up form!

Lem in perfect push up form!

Competitive versus Supportive?

Have you noticed that most people are super competitive, especially in terms of group workouts? There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to win, but how cool would it be if we could all be on a mission to congratulate others for becoming leaner and healthier? As a friend of mine always says, “Don’t hate, congratulate.” Lem’s goal is to bring people together for a common goal and create a supportive environment where people are accountable for their own results and encourage their friends to succeed with them.

It's easy to find other energYve buddies all around town!

It’s easy to find other energYve buddies all around town!

Why Now?

Everyone is on their smartphone. We spend so much time surfing the web and looking at social media. Maybe there’s a way to use that to our advantage! With over 2200 Facebook friends, Lem reaches a lot of people daily. If these friends share his workouts with their friends, there is no limit to how many people Lem can inspire. Even the people who say they don’t have time, can’t afford to pay a monthly gym membership or hire a personal trainer, or don’t know how they should be working out… Lem’s workouts will address all of these concerns. The workouts are 30 minutes or less, they are FREE, and Lem will actually be your personal trainer showing you exactly what to do. You just have to do it. No excuses this time, he’s making it super simple.

energYve workouts include cardio funk, and they are always fun and motivating!

energYve workouts include cardio funk, and they are always fun and motivating!

Then What?

Lem is going to seek feedback from his fans at the end of the challenge and make tweaks if needed. He may continue these workouts in the form of an app where, for a small fee, people can download the sessions and continue on their fit quest!

What do you need to get started?

The 30 day Fit Life challenge includes cardio, upper and lower body exercises, and incorporates balance and abs. Grab and pen and pad (or better yet, use the notes features on your smartphone) and record your stats: 1) time it takes to jog or walk one mile, 2) number of pushups you can do in one minute, and 3) number of situps you can do in one minute. That’s it. Lastly, grab dumbbells if you have them- a light, medium, and heavier set. No worries if you don’t have dumbbells. Use gallons of water or any other household item that you can find. If you missed the first workout yesterday, no worries! Day 2 is posted for you now!


Let’s do this!


Lem’s workouts will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter daily.

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