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It’s summer summer summertime! And wow, what a hot and sticky summer it’s been. The good news is that if you covet a bronzed body, this summer has provided the perfect weather for tanning by the pool or lake. I am a big believer that everyone looks better tan and that if you only have one hour to devote to your vanity, you can get more bang for your buck at the pool than in the gym. (I know this isn’t the healthiest philosophy.) But when you feel a bit chunky, getting a little bit of sun does wonders for you! Maybe it’s the Vitamin D that boosts your mood; maybe it’s that tan really does look skinnier. Either way, I love a tan! I used to hate going to the gym during the winter months and seeing my pale legs and arms in the mirror. I always felt like I looked sort of sickly. Then I realized that you never really EVER have to be pale if you find the right product.

About 5 years ago, I came to the scary realization that most skin products contain harmful chemicals- preservatives that, in many cases, mimic estrogen in our bodies. I clearly don’t need more of that, do you? My mission was to eliminate as many of these toxins as possible from my daily regimen. One company I immediately fell in love with was Aveda. I went in search of the perfect sunless tanner for the dreary winter months and found what quickly became my go-to grab for pale days, Aveda Sun Source. It didn’t have the horrid smell, the streaky orange effect, or the creepy ingredients. It was perfect. I fell in love at first application. I used it for over a year and told everyone I knew about how it had changed my life. It was like I worked for Aveda, only better, because people didn’t feel like I was pushing it on them for my benefit.

One day I went into the Aveda store at SouthPark mall. I walked over to the shelf where I had always found Sun Source, and alas, it was nowhere to be seen. I calmly inquired about where it had been moved, only to find that it had been discontinued. DISCONTINUED! What?!?!? I almost had a panic attack. I’ve had three in my life, and this was a close fourth. The sales associate suggested I visit their sister company right across the way, Origins. I had never been and had no interest in whatever sunless tanner they had to offer. After her kind insistence that I go check them out, I reluctantly headed over.

Origins is like the cute, less showy, little sister of Aveda, and the prices are a little cheaper. I asked if they had a sunless tanner. Not only was I shown the product they carried but was offered a sample to take home and try. I couldn’t have been less excited about this “replacement” product. When it was time to shower, I unenthusiastically exfoliated. After toweling off, I prepared to be disappointed. The first thing I noticed is that this stuff is dark, really dark. It’s scary to see it on a pale white hand. But I decided to go for it. I applied it to my arms and legs. The super amazing thing is that it’s more like the French description on the front- an Autobronzant. It truly looks as if you’ve been airbrushed with the perfect shimmery bronzer by the best makeup artist in town. (But more on Ann later.) I realized that if you layer it for a couple of days, it just looks more perfect by the day. So, if you have a Saturday wedding,

start Wednesday and apply each day. By day four, you have a “Coco Channel returns from the French Riviera” appearance that instantly adds glamour to your look. Muscles definition is improved and you look hotter overall.

Here’s a shot of my husband and me at a charity event in the dead of winter. I would’ve had to wear sleeves or get an inconvenient spray tan if not for The Great Pretender.

Ashley wearing OriginsThe Great Pretender

I so wish I remembered the Aveda saleswomen who cared enough to help me find an alternative. She changed my life, and I want to change yours as well! Check out Origins The Great Pretender, Shimmery self-tanner for body. You’ll never look sick at the gym again, and if you’re trying to impress your dermatologist, you can even consider skipping a pool day and use it throughout the summer!

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  • Sarah Skaff
    July 15, 2014

    I have been terrified of sunless tanners (never used one or even been spray tanned!). I will definitely try Origins this winter. Thanks for the recommendation!

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