Walking Away

In the words of one of my former fitness instructors, “You never know when you’re going to need to look good walking away.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about those words and how they are analogous to my life, especially lately.

I recently chose to walk away from something that my heart was telling me was out of sync with what I was put on the universe to do. As soon as I had full clarity and listened to that tiny little voice inside my head and gave in to that powerful pull from my heart, I knew I had to walk away.

At first it was scary. I questioned myself. I am someone who perseveres! So, why couldn’t I make this work? I was a little disappointed in myself for not being able to to suck it up and stick it out.

Luckily, this brief period of uncertainty and doubt was quickly replaced with hope, excitement, even exhilaration.

A Brief History

Before moving to St John, I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a full time corporate America career, I somehow managed to plan my weeks around the fitness classes I would attend.

These classes kept me in shape and, perhaps equally importantly, they instilled confidence in me. Almost a year and half later, I continue to see evidence of how much my experience with group exercise impacts my life.

There were two instructors in particular who inspired me to work to my edge, to carve out space for myself, to believe that I deserved the time I spent each week to become stronger- mentally and physically.

These Days

So now I live on this beautiful little island in the middle of the ocean. Not only is there no mall or Whole Foods, there’s also no barre studio or Energyve Fitness Cardio Funk classes. There’s less emphasis placed on health and more energy spent prepping for happy hour.

Walking away


Lem Houston

I have this crazy pull from the universe that tells me I am meant to try really hard to be my best self. And the universe shows me repeatedly that when I’m my best, I am much more effective at inspiring others to be their best.

And the more I do it… The more I practice, the more I teach fitness classes on St John, and the more I encourage new people to come and give them a try, the more I feel this crazy high on life.

Twerk and Tone

Where Are You

Have you ever had to turn around and walk away from something that wasn’t serving you? Was it a person, a job, a situation?

What does it actually take to walk away? I think it takes confidence. I think it takes a belief in a higher power. I think it takes knowing that there is more out there for you. I believe it means knowing that when you are fulfilling your greater calling, you are giving the universe what it expects from you, what it needs from you.

I can’t possibly know what you’re facing, but I would like to share this with you and wish you all the best in your journey to finding your happiest, healthiest version of YOU:

Walking away

If you’re on St. John- whether you live here or you are visiting- we would love to have you join us for Twerk and Tone fitness classes. You’ll leave class with a lift, a smile, and quite possibly, a new friend on island.

Ashley Cates, St John USVI Blogger

  • Holly Corbridge
    March 15, 2016

    Wow, I just loved this!!!!

  • Nancy Anderson
    March 15, 2016

    This is a great blog Ashley. You have tried numerous “jobs” on St. John, but now that you are concentrating solely on building your fitness business, you seem even happier and more carefree. It reminds me of how I feel about my “job” as a swim instructor. It’s not really a job, but rather a mission, I believe that you, like me, are living God’s Will for your life. When that happens, you don’t question or doubt yourself any longer, because you know that God has you right where you’re meant to be. St. John is all the better because Ashley Cates teaches and inspires many to want to be better, more physically fit, and happier. Your classes provide that release that makes each of us better because of it. Enjoy embracing your God given talent of inspiring and bringing happiness to others. God Bless you Ashley Cates.

    • Ashley
      March 15, 2016

      Thanks, as always, Nancy for you kind words of encouragement! You are truly the best!

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