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I constantly get asked “what do you recommend we do on St. John? I’m coming with my family… we’re staying a week… we want to do some fun things that are off the beaten path… we want to see beautiful beaches… we’ve never been and we have no idea what activities to plan.”

I usually answer by providing names of my top five or so beaches, my top three favorite hikes, and names of a few yummy restaurants. But, I’ll be honest, I worry about what people are going to do if they don’t love beaches and bars. There’s no golf course on St. John. There’s no mall. (Mongoose Junction and Wharfside Village are the closest things to a mall, but they definitely are not malls in the traditional sense.) There is no amusement park with rides or games for the kids.

That said, you aren’t planning a trip to Disney World or Myrtle Beach. You’re coming to an island where 2/3 of the land is owned by the national park, with no development whatsoever.

Trunk Bay St John USVI

Snorkeling St John USVI

St John USVI

Coral Bay St John USVI

So, back to the original question: what are you going to do on St John? I’ll be exploring options over the next couple of weeks and writing about them here, so you can plan accordingly and know what to expect when you are traveling to St John.

I have a concierge service and would love to provide you with personalized recommendations and an itinerary that meets your needs. If you’re interested, please send me an email and we can set up a time for our live consultation. I look forward to helping you experience all that this beautiful island has to offer!

St John USVI

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