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“Have you ever done mosaics before,” asked Crystal. “I’ve never done art before,” I replied. I’ve always wanted to be crafty. I’ve always wanted to be one of those lovely people who makes handmade gifts for my friends and family. I kind of get the obsession people have with Martha Stewart. Unfortunately I am the opposite of artistic. I couldn’t even color inside the lines, so I don’t know how I made it out of elementary school with the skills I never developed. Shame on my teachers!

mosaics on St. John

The art of possibilities… you can create jewelry, ornaments, frames…. the sky is the limit in mosaic class!

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered an island art class in St. John where the teacher said “Whatever you do will look perfect. You can’t mess up.” Of course I was sure I would be the first to show her a really messed up version of what was supposed to look like art.

island art in St. John

My first creation. I wanted it to be an “island-style” Christmas ornament.

Crystal explained the technique- how to hold the tweezers, how to dip the tile into the glue, how to space the pieces, and I was off! I quickly found that mosaics is addictive. I love instant gratification, so I simply can’t work on a piece over a long period of time like my friend Veronica who is creating a beautiful mermaid with an intricate design that would stress me out in about two seconds! I like to finish a project so I can move on to my next one.

picture frame

This was my second creation. A gift for my parents. I can’t decide if it’s really pretty or kind of silly and juvenile!

But like everything on the island of St. John, mosaic art class teaches me patience. Once you finish tiling your piece, you have to let it dry, and then grout it. Sometimes you even need to paint the sides and the back for a more finished look.

wine stoppers

Not my personal creations, but I love these wine stoppers Crystal made.

One thing I love about these bracelets I make is they don’t require grouting, so once you get all of the pieces glued down you are ready to go!

cool bracelets

I’ve invited friends to join me at mosaic class on St. John, and my island twin obliged. I think Tiffany enjoyed it even more than she was expecting and brought her mom when she was in town. We all had a blast. And it wasn’t just because we sipped Prosecco while we tiled!

art class

I was so impressed with Tiffany’s first project, an intricate star ornament she made for her sister.

I don’t think I’ll ever make anything quite as spectacular as Crystal’s turtle but who knows!

island art

Obsessed with this mosaic sea turtle! Isn’t this amazing? Also not mine; this is a Crystal original.

Sometimes I surprise myself on the island! Heck I even hammered out this masterpiece in one day.

bar stools

Fun project that has me thinking about a career in fixing up old furniture!

Maybe there’s a business opportunity in my future??? I think Martha Stewart would be proud… or at least not completely terrified???

If you live on St. John or are visiting and are interested in joining us for an island art class, call Crystal at 340-228-4977 and be sure to visit her website.

Ashley Cates, St. John USVI blogger.

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  • Chrissann
    January 9, 2015

    How fun! I love my island artist dates, glad you found some too – so rejuvenating :)

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