Sailing to Anegada

April 11th was a major milestone. It wasn’t a birthday or a wedding anniversary or even the anniversary of our first date. We were having so much fun on our excursion to Anegada that we almost didn’t acknowledge the date.

Then we realized it was the official SIX MONTH MARK. One half of one year since we left our home, our jobs, our friends and family and moved to St. John. Six months may not sound like a long time. 120 days isn’t really that much time in the grand scheme of things.

However, when we moved to St John, we were surprised to hear that six months actually is a pretty meaningful point in time for island residents. Apparently, and this may come as a surprise- it certainly did to me- many people don’t actually make it to the six month mark.

You’re probably wondering why. How could someone not survive half a year in paradise. I have my theories, and they revolve around the vastly different climate, job market, and level of everyday motivation… the list goes on and on. And this may come as a major shock but, guess what? Island living isn’t always easy breezy. Some days it’s downright hard.

The point is that we survived six months of island life, and we celebrated our anniversary on an amazing trip sailing to Anegada.

Excursion to the BVIs

We headed out of Cruz Bay on Friday morning. It took almost the entire day to sail over to Anegada, the furthest from St John of all the BVIs. Once we arrived, we were not disappointed.

Anegada BVI

Anegada is different from the other Virgin Islands. It is completely flat- no mountains, no steep, winding roads to climb or to drive. The water and the sand are as stunning as anywhere I’ve ever seen. Here’s a fun fact- Anegada is the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest in the world.

Anegada BVI

The sunsets are absolutely to die for! Not that I’m complaining, because my views on St. John are pretty amazing, but the island of St. Thomas sort of blocks the view of the final sunset moments. On Anegada, there are beautiful unobstructed views of sunset that will take your breath away.

Anegada sunset

Anegada sunset

Anegada sunset

Anegada is known for fresh lobster. And fresh lobster we consumed! Dinner at Pam’s Kitchen at Neptune’s Treasure on Friday night was perfect. A casual spot on the beach with some of the freshest lobster you could ever imagine.

Neptune's Treasure Anegada BVI

The next day on Loblolly Bay, we had the beach to ourselves and got to enjoy a few relaxing hours just taking in the beautiful views. The restaurant on Loblolly Bay was also incredible.

loblolly anegada

Loblolly Anegada

Loblolly Anegada

Sweet St. John friends!

The boat… “Wow” is the first word that comes to my mind. Mystic Adventure Sailing is spectacular. I don’t have a lot to compare it to because truthfully, I’ve always been hesitant to spend any longer than a day on a boat. But this 170 foot vessel is incredible.

Sailing in the BVIs

The crew, the food, our accommodations, and everything else were truly magnificent.

Sailing to Anegada

We feel so blessed that we have been able/ had the guts to experience this crazy journey of moving our lives to the Caribbean and continuously experiencing things that broaden our horizons and open our eyes to new possibilities.

sailing to Anegada

I’m thinking that the next six months are going to be pretty exciting! In the meantime, I hope to spend more time in the British Virgin Islands. I love the BVIs!

British Virgin Islands

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