Jost With The Most

Earlier this month, we experienced another first. My husband and I got to celebrate his December birthday in flip flops and swimsuits. It was odd but perfect. It fell on a Tuesday, but island Tuesdays are like Saturdays, which are like Thursdays. Catch my drift? He was lucky enough to have the day off, so we decided to spend his special day out on the water with two of our very best island friends.  We met at the Westin St. John to board the BLAST, which is operated by Cruz Bay Watersports. It’s a 25 passenger boat, but only 11 people were on our trip. I love a smaller crowd because A) I’m claustrophobic and B) you really get to know the people on the boat. Jost With the Most is the name of our excursion. We’ve done the other Jost Van Dyke trip and the Virgin Gorda one, and they are all so much fun. Jost With the Most is my personal favorite though. Here are some of the highlights of our day.

The Weather

The right weather can make a good day perfect. The temperatures were in the low 70s when we left, almost a tad chilly- pleasantly brisk start to the day. (Low 70s actually feel cold on our island!)

Brrrrrr.... low 70s!

Brrrrrr…. low 70s!

Fun Friends

painkillers at soggy dollar

Our friends from our neighborhood back in Charlotte bought us our favorite drinks at the Soggy Dollar Bar- a Painkiller and a Banana Bender! Cheers Danny, Allison and the BWE pool crew!

Amazing Snorkeling Conditions

Little Thatch Island

Have you ever seen water this perfectly turquoise with absolutely clear visibility?

Snorkeling at Little Thatch

This picture cracks me up. I have no idea what was going on but apparently we can carry on underwater conversations?

Snorkeling Little Thatch

LOVE this spot! Probably my favorite snorkeling location of all.

Corona Commercial Location

sandy spit corona commercial

So the folks who shoot the Corona ads have it mighty tough. This is their famous spot. Hmmm, wonder if they’re hiring?

Perfect Lunch Spot

foxys taboo

First time at Foxy’s Taboo, which is around Jost Van Dyke island from the famous Foxy’s Bar. I adore this spot.

foxys taboo

This turquoise table, the hammocks, the trees… it’s all simply perfect.

White Bay

seddy at one love jost van dyke

Don’t miss One Love, just a short walk down White Bay from Soggy Dollar Bar. If you catch him on a good day, Seddy will do his magic, and it’s incredible.

one love jost van dyke

We left our mark at One Love!

white bay jost van dyke

White Bay is pretty hard to describe. It’s one of those places you must see with your own eyes.

leaving white bay jost van dyke

The water, the sand, the bars… White Bay is hard to leave. The upside is that is wears you out so you usually know it’s time to head out!


sunset st john usvi

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

This “Birthday Blast” is going to be hard to top. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying though! Cheers to island birthdays in the USVI, especially warm December birthdays in paradise!

Ashley Cates, St. John USVI blogger.

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