Today, on our Islandversary, I’m thinking about how for TWO years we’ve shared ONE bathroom and ONE car. We’ve thought more about water consumption and energy use than almost anything else. We’ve hand-washed so many dishes that I’ve lost count. We went to the laundromat so many times that finally I had a meltdown. We’ve sweated more in 24 months than we have in over 30 years combined. We’ve struggled but together worked through tough decisions about careers and major life choices.

We’ve questioned ourselves at times. We’ve wondered if we are where we are supposed to be at this point in our lives. We’ve thought about 401k plans and the need to save for the future as we simultaneously, in a very Carpe Diem way, bought a boat.

St. John Islandversary

In two years, we’ve been to the British Virgin Islands countless times, stayed at Saba Rock and at the house with the best views of Cane Garden Bay on Tortola. We’ve relaxed on White Bay, Prickly Pear and Sandy Spit. We’ve sailed to Anegada and eaten lobster on the beach. We’ve snorkeled with turtles and stingrays and countless schools of colorful fish. We found Peter Island and have taken family and friends to revisit these heaven on earth paradises we’ve discovered.

Peter island

We’ve traveled off the island too… to Puerto Rico, Spain, St Croix, and back to the states. We’ve seen so many new places in just 24 months.

St croix USVI

We’ve happy houred. Goodness gracious, have we happy houred… With friends visiting, with new island friends, with the pups. We’ve contemplated how to best call our $3 Rum Hut drinks many a day.

Joes rum hut St. John

We’ve said hard goodbyes to so many good friends and said hello to friends we will never forget. In two years, many have moved on and we’ve tried to celebrate instead of sulk.

We’ve learned to embrace change. And diversity. And adversity. We’ve decided that a life that’s not perfect is kind of perfect for us. We’ve also found that’s it’s fun to figure it out as you go. You don’t have to have all the answers, and the journey to trying to find the answers is what life is really all about.

St. John USVI

When our flight left out of Charlotte on October 11, 2014, we took our first true risk as a couple and as individuals. No need to say “all’s well that ends well” because the journey continues, and as with life, the exciting part is that we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Well, actually we do know about tomorrow. We’ll be at the Lionel Richie show in Vegas. Carpe Diem, indeed.


Ashley Cates, USVI Blogger

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