Dealing With Stuff

My little family had a very big weekend. After months of planning and itching to make our move, we made it safely to our new home on our tiny piece of paradise in St. John, USVI. We are living proof that luck favors those who are prepared. But just because we got lucky and everything went even more smoothly than we could’ve imagined, the past few days have been nothing short of exhausting.

Dealing with Stuff

Almost there… moving isn’t for the faint of heart.

First, we had to move out of our utopia of an apartment in Phillips Place in Charlotte, NC.

Phillips Place Charlotte

Gelato from Whole Foods by the fountain… we sort of found paradise in Charlotte.

Wildfox shirt

My last gluten free pizza crust with no high fructose corn syrup in the sauce. Already miss Phillips Place.

Although we downsized into our apartment six months ago when we sold our home, there was still so much stuff that we had sort of pushed aside and ignored. I think we secretly hoped it would shred itself and disappear. It didn’t. In fact, I think it may have even mated with other junk and multiplied. So over the past couple of weeks, we finally addressed all the stuff that definitely didn’t need to be moved to its third home. Shaun scanned, shredded, saved, or trashed file cabinets full of documentation. Dealing with stuff makes us never want to accumulate unnecessarily ever again. I busied myself packing up for the move.

USPS flat rate shipping

Loaded down for first post office run.

Everyone has asked me how we were going to get all of our stuff to the island. The short answer is we didn’t. We tried to be super selective about what we brought and what we left behind. None of our furniture made the cut. Most of our kitchen supplies didn’t either. Really the only things we shipped were our summer clothes, bed linens, cooking essentials, and supplies for the dogs.

shipping costs to move

First run- $352. Not too terrible, right?

I’m still waiting on my Vitamix to arrive, and I desperately need to buy a cheap coffee maker, but we have our milk frother ready to go! We also have a couple of bowls, mugs, cups, spices, tools, and lots of Juice Plus bars, shake mix, and our capsules and chewables. (Thank goodness for that because we bought a small bag of grapes today for $8.00 and a few apples for $6.45.)

flat rate USPS boxes

Really proud of what we stuffed into these boxes!

That was the first shipment- seventeen boxes. Fourteen of them were in the large, flat rate priority boxes, which, for the record, aren’t really all that large. In the first load, only one bowl was broken; I consider that a major win. I’ve never seen anyone who can stuff boxes as full as my husband.

USPS flat rate boxes

A man with a plan… and a box. Pretty amazing to see him pack these flat rate boxes.

If you live in Charlotte, especially on the south side, we highly recommend the Carmel Road Post Office. Wow, those people are angels sent from above. They patiently helped us figure out labels, shipping options for the non-flat-rate boxes, and excitedly inquired about our move.

post office

Lots and lots of labels!

They even humored me by saying they’d love one of my business cards and would follow my blog! If you don’t live in Charlotte and you’re shipping a lot of packages, you should definitely find yourself a nice post office.

Carmel Road Post Office

Only a couple of minor bumps along the way, I consider smiling after leaving the post office a win.

It was a huge load off of us, figuratively and literally, to make that run to the post office. The folks we hired from A&A Professional Movers were as amazing as the postal workers. Once they loaded up the furniture, we felt another sense of accomplishment. There are some things in the world that, if you throw some money at them, they will go away. Furniture is one of them.

uhaul truck

Blessed with beautiful moving day weather!

It was time to make the trek to eastern NC to visit family and unload the UHaul since Shaun’s family is kind enough to keep our stuff for us while we live on the rock. In less than 24 hours, we traveled from Charlotte to Pinehurst to Fayetteville to Selma back to Fayetteville to Kannapolis. I even made a stop in Apex to visit one of my very best friends, which was so special but so hard at the same time.

visiting friends

My forever friend Kelli. We lived together for 8 years in Chapel Hill and Charlotte.

Once in Kannapolis, we decided to allow ourselves one day to chill out. Actually it was just a few hours of rest, but after the past few days and weeks, it was incredible. We took a long nap, visited with my family, and planned out our next couple of days. After months of making lists, executing the plan, and preparing for the move, we were almost ready. But not before we made one last trip to the apartment to get all the last few things… you know, the stuff that doesn’t seem like a big deal but actually is the hardest part of all? A huge thank you to my mom for sticking with us during this part of our move.

Post Phillips Place

Our empty apartment made me want to scream for joy and cry to leave.

We made one more trip to the post office with almost as many boxes as the first time. A total of $630, we had everything we were taking boxed up and shipped. I consider that a reasonable price to pay to move our family to paradise. Now, we just need to find jobs!

  • Liz
    October 13, 2014

    Hey girl! Tell Shaun hi for me. I am so, so, so excited to follow along your guys new journey!!!

    • prescription4change
      October 13, 2014

      Hi Liz! Shaun says hi too! Would love to connect with you to discuss fitness, blogging, and fun! Hope all is well in Charlotte, and thanks for following prescription4change!

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